Here’s a 30 day drawing challenge for you to try – you can try them all in one day if you prefer…….sometimes it’s really hard to think of something to draw so this might help. If you have an old notebook lying around it’s very handy to keep your work in.  Remember your drawings don’t have to be perfect, just enjoy yourself and sketch away,  you don’t have to show them to anyone if you don’t want to.

  1. Draw your favourite animal. (maybe enter it into the St Anne’s Farm competition)
  2. Draw a flower.
  3. Draw what you would like to be in the future (crazy is optional!),
  4. Draw your favourite food.
  5. Draw something in your house.
  6. Draw your favourite activity. (that’s easy – art class!!)
  7. Draw something using only your favourite colour.
  8. Draw your family.
  9. Draw yourself fighting a dragon.
  10. Draw you and your friend.
  11. Draw your favourite memory (Christmas counts).
  12. Draw your house as exactly as you can.
  13. Draw your pet or a pet you would like to own.
  14. Draw something from your bathroom.
  15. Draw your favourite part of the day.
  16. Draw something you enjoy doing at the weekends.
  17. Draw your hobby.
  18. Draw something hilarious.
  19. Draw a holiday you went on.
  20. Draw your favourite ice cream.
  21. Draw a character from a book or movie.
  22. Draw a place you would like to visit.
  23. Draw your favourite TV show.
  24. Draw a cool outfit or costume.
  25. Draw the last place you travelled to. (that could be tricky at the moment but the back garden counts).
  26. Draw something in a yard.
  27. Draw your favourite toy.
  28. Draw a family tradition.
  29. Draw your dream house.
  30. Draw yourself.  Draw me.