When I was walking along the beach with my dogs a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t resist collecting some cockle shells.

So I came home and started to experiment with them.  I used some PVA glue, glass beads, some string so I could hang it around my neck.

First of all I coloured the inside of the shell with dark blue and light blue sharpies and then I filled it with PVA.  Then I pushed the glass bead into the glue and sprinkled on a little glitter.  After that I glued the knot part of the string onto the top of the shell and put everything on a plate, I carefully (so as not to dislodge the string) put everything into my hot press (or you could leave it on a sunny window sill) and left it there for a week.  The white PVA glue slowly dried clear and bingo… my treasure was complete.

I know it might be tricky to find all the bits and pieces to make this but you can substitute some things… paint instead of sharpie…or even a mussle shell instead of a cockle shell then you don’t have to paint the inside because it will be shiny black.  A marble instead of a glass bead nor do you have to put a string on it.  Have a go and send me your pictures.

Enjoy the challenge.