Happy New Year y’all

Sadly we have had to suspend face-to-face classes but I’m delighted to say I am running a new three week zoom session starting next week.  We will be using ordinary felt tip pens as  our main medium for the three classes.  You’ll be surprised at how many different ways you can use the modest marker.  Here’s the details for the lesson plans….


Draw yourself as an Anime character.

This is me with my paint brush and palette getting ready for art class

Here will explore drawing anime cartoon people and the best subject is yourself. It’s a great introduction to life drawing and is good fun – particularly as you can draw yourself any way you want without the pressure of proportions and accuracy needed for serious life drawing.

Materials supplied – paper, pencil & rubber, felt tip markers.

Special thanks to all the students who sent me their pictures…. I just love how they are all socompletely different.





Cute Mushroom Pot.

This cut little house is made with air dough and decorated using more air dough and coloured markers. One of the sweetest things is that you can shine your phone light up into the little mushroom house and it lights up.

Materials supplied – spice jar, air dough, tool, grease proof paper, half a polystyrene ball, felt tip marker.





Watercolour picture


In this class we will explore warm and cool colours and use our felt tip pens like paints!

Materials supplied – water colour paper, pencil & rubber, felt tip marker and paint brush.


When we came to the lesson on week three I changed the image to a well known Dublin 3 scene…. I think you will have to agree the photographs sent to me are incredible …… here they are – you can decide for yourself…



6 thoughts on “Zoom Art Classes – felt-tip ‘tips’

  1. Hi. I’d love to sign up for the 3 week Zoom art class for my daughter Alana. Free to collect materials from tomorrow or Monday. Just let me know what suits best. Could you also send through payment details please? Thanks so much, Tara

  2. Hi , I’d like to book my daughter Lucy Ann in for this please

  3. Hi Lesa,
    Will you have an online course starting anytime soon? I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old who I’d like to sign up.

    1. Yes Andrew I have to agree, this was drawn by one of my most talented students.

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