I’m delighted to offer a new three week session of zoom art and craftclasses starting Tuesday 20th April 2021.  Classes will run along the same model as previous weekly classes, here’s the details …

Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 3.00pm-4.00pm or 4.30-5.30pm

I will supply all the art materials to be collected from me outside Clontarf GAA from 1.00-2.00pm on Sunday 18th  April.

To book a place please message me on 087 9585031

Here’s what we’ll be doing each week.



Exploring shading using coloured pencils.

How to shade using layers of coloured pencils on miniature card, and we will add a mini stand at the back for display.  We will also try shading on a pre-drawn card.

Materials provided : pencil with rubber, pencil sharpener, coloured pencils, A6 card and pre-drawn card and a peg!!!



Dancing sculpture

Make a figure or animal using an armature made from wire and tin foil and covered in plaster of Paris fabric strips.  Really messy and really fun to do.  My sample is called ‘dancing Lesa’!!!!

Materials provided : plaster of Paris bandage piece, wire on a flat base and tin fin.



Symmetrical drawing

Test your pencil control … lots of worksheets with varying difficulty to suit all levels to suit all levels and ages, you can even invent your own one on a blank gridded page.  These can be coloured with your pencils after if you like.

Materials provided : 10 worksheets, pencil with rubber and coloured pencils.