Father’s Day is Sunday 21st June this year.  I’ve made a few cheesy card samples you might like to try and make for your dear ol’ dad.  These were just made using card, a black marker and coloured with crayons.  Googley eyes made a cute addition.

Just one or two things to keep an eye on – if you intend to cut the card to make a shape just make sure that you have decided where the ‘hinge’ will be … if you look carefully you can see on my samples it’s on the fish’s nose, the left of the fried egg and the left of the ice cream (the top would work well here too).  Also if you don’t have card but photocopy paper it’s probably best to keep your design rectangular and not cutting it – I would recommend that you use an ordinary A4 white page, fold it in half and then in half again so you’ve doubled the paper to make it stronger, that way it should be able to stand on its own.

Good luck! Send me photos of your work and I’ll put them up int he gallery. x Lesa