I’m delighted to be able to run art camps this summer.

However, the flexibility and goodwill of parents and students will be required to ensure that the art camps can run safely for everyone.

Please take the time to read through this safety agreement, you will be asked to sign a copy of this when you bring your child to camp on Monday morning.


ST. GABRIEL’S PARISH CENTRE Priest: Fr Pat Mc Manus Parish Centre COVID 19 Protocols

The safety of all is paramount. As well as cooperation, the flexibility and goodwill of parents and students will be required to ensure the camp can be safely run.

* access to the premises for children is from 5 minutes before your start time and up to 5 minutes after;

* parents/guardians may not enter the premises unless collecting a child in the case of isolation or other medical emergency;

* instead children must be delivered to and collected from tutors/instructors in the carpark and returned to parents in the carpark at the end of class at 1.00pm, regardless of weather conditions;

* no-one may gather in the carpark, either before or after class;

* at all times public health guidelines on social distancing and face coverings must be observed;

* I will be keeping an attendance list for each class;

* no child may attend if he or she has any COVID 19 symptoms or should be in self isolation or quarantine for any reason.

* Entrance to the common room will be via the emergency exit door onto the carpark.

* All children must remain in the room for the duration of the class. We will be taking two small breaks outside during the day.

Sanitisation includes wiping down of the floors, equipment and touch points (e.g. doors) with disinfectant will continue during the class and at the end after all children have left.

The toilet facilities are limited to those for the room which you are using.