So what happens during the hour long class?

When the children arrive to the class straight after school I usually give them a drink and a plain biscuit, either orange or blackcurrant squash or water.  While they are having their snack and settling in,  we discuss what we will be doing during the class.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the children are encouraged to share and talk with each other.  They WILL get dirty (it’s an art class after all), so make sure your son or daughter has either an apron or an old t-shirt to protect their uniform/clothes.  If your child is shy or nervous you are more than welcome to come up to the room, although usually after the first class the children are usually happy to be left on their own.

The Clontarf venue is easy to find – in the large room upstairs inthe GAA – to access it you just go to the back of the building by walking down the lane to the left of the GAA (past the Siopa on the way to the Astro field) and up the stairs at the rear of the main building…. just follow the noise!!!  It’s ideal for art classes because is spacious and has plenty of light with large windows which can will remain open for air circulation on both sides of the room.   

I try to alternate between painting/drawing one week and craft/3D the next, and usually we will have themed weeks depending on the season – ie halloween art end of October, and I always have a very special and popular class just before Christmas where all children will make their very own edible miniature gingerbread house.  It’s great fun.

 This photo was taken a few years ago!!

If there is any particular project your son or daughter would like to try please let me know and I will endeavour to work a lesson plan around that.